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 "LEGHORN" & "Bolina Italiana"  are  the brands of  sanitary ware with complete set of advanced production lines and software technology introduced from Italian LEGHORN SRL Corporation.Professional production in Mainland China results in 1.5 million pieces of  high-grade sanitary ware per year.Our main products include luxurious integral closet, common integralcloset, separate closet,  pole basin, table basin,  ladies washing device, wall-mount urinal,ground closet,and so on.Altogether there are more than  80 varieties in more than 10 series,  Our products   have entered  European and US markets and high-grade hotels and dwelling houses in China.

We  integrate  the art quintessence of ancient Rome and Chinese long-standing ceramic culture,adopting advanced automatic mirco press injection line,fully automatic enameling manipulator and gas tunnel, Through high temperature of 1280 celsius degree, our prod- ucts feature smooth and elegant shaping,simple and graceful lines,glossy and fine glaze, soft and pure coloring,superb dirt-resistance and water-saving.

LEGHORN & Bolina Italiana got ISO9002 quality systems certified inf 1999,In 2000,it passed the  on-the-spot inspection of  the state Water-Saving Sanitary Administrative Office and State Ceramic Inspection Center.It is the designated watersaving  sanitary ware  administrating  enterprise of  the State Building Material Industry Bureau and Construction Ministry.  In  2001  it passed the testing of  the Building Material Radioactivity Supervision Inspection center of State Building Material Industry Bureau,meeting the GB6566  -2000 Building Material Radioactivity Protection Standard.

LEGHORN & Bolina Italiana sanitary ware is the perfect integration of shaping art and functionality;it is your best choice for creating warm,comfortable and noble houses.

Wanjia (Fujian)Ceramic Industry Co.,Ltd is a Chinese-foreign joint stock corporation,runs"LEGHORN"&"Bolina Italiana"  sanitary ware series of Italian  LEGHORN  SRL,   The company has always been sticking to the conception of relying on people and serving people. It  has a steady  and high quality team of  employees,  forming the solid foundation for quality consistency and unceasing new product development.  Supported by the  "LEGHORN"   &   "Bolina Italiana"  Brands, regarding customers as utmost important, and regarding it as its own responsibility to beautify people's living space, the company keeps putting out new products, improving  product  quality  and  bringing  high  standard  living  enjoyment  to customers.At the same time make the dealer get more rich return.

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